Present an interactive(Activity)

Provoking discussion around a screen

What the activity is for

Children revisit and review their ideas developed by earlier teaching by using an interactive from the SPT: Electric circuits topic as a presentation support.

What the activity is for

  • a selection of interactives chosen from the SPT: Electric circuits or SPT: Electricity and energy topics
  • a clear set of tasks and timescales, appropriate to the small groups within the class
  • some real circuits to compare the models with some physical rope loops

  • What happens during this activity

    Children use the interactive to explain what's happening in the circuit–they provide the voice-over. It will be important to establish the need to get a full commentary on the interactives–more than: There you are, it's obvious. You could increase the demand by setting one or a small group of children to make a screencast/video podcast of the action, but this might best be done in small groups around the computers, with children taking it in turns to be the explainer, using physical models, animations and the real circuits. They should be encouraged to make real efforts to relate the physical model, the animation and the circuit and to use this relationship as an explanation.

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