Systematic use of teaching models(Teaching tip)

Ensure that the models you choose can be reasoned with

The rope loop teaching analogy was introduced in the SPT: Electric circuits topic (in the episode Developing an electric circuit model). We're clear that there is much to be gained from the systematic and consistent use of analogies, so we advise that if the rope loop has been used lower down the school, then you and your students should return to it now: rather like renewing acquaintance with an old and trusted friend.

An essential competence in the use of analogies is to be able to move fluently between the target (in this case the electric circuit) and the analogy (in this case the rope loop). If you and your students are revisiting the rope loop model after a break of some time, it's worth carefully talking through the mapping between the target and the analogy:

Teacher Tip: Target: electrical circuit → Analogy: rope loop
The cell → The person providing pull on rope
The potential difference → The size of the pull
The resistor → The person gripping the rope
The resistance → The slipping force applied by the person
The electric current → The rate at which the rope moves

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