Adding batteries to the circuit(Activity)

Part 1: what happens on adding a battery?

What the activity is for

Throughout this practical activity, the pupils will establish that when an extra battery is added to a simple electric circuit, the current around the circuit increases in value and the bulb gets brighter; or the buzzer/bell sounds louder; or the motor turns more quickly.

What the activity is for

  • batteries
  • bulbs
  • buzzers/bells/motors
  • ammeters
  • connecting leads
  • support sheet: Adding batteries to the circuit

  • Support sheet

    What happens during this activity

    The pupils work in pairs to measure the current in the bulb circuit and buzzer/bell/motor circuit with one, two and possibly three batteries and observe what happens.

    Part 2: how to explain what happens

    What the activity is for

    The pupils are encouraged to talk and think about the electric circuit model and a teaching model to account for what they have found with the various electric circuits.

    What happens during this activity

    The pupils work in pairs to talk through their ideas to explain why the bulb is brighter (the buzzer/bell louder) and the current is bigger when a second cell is added. Pairs then report back during class discussion.

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