The electrical home(Activity)

A survey of electrical appliances

What the activity is for

This is a homework activity in which pupils make a survey of the different electrical appliances used in their own homes. The aim is for the pupils to collect information about the use and electrical power output of each appliance and then to list the appliances in terms of relative power. This will allow the pupils to make the link between high power outputs and appliances which have a heating function.

What the activity is for

  • Some backup sample data
  • homework sheet: The electrical home

  • Support sheet

    What happens during this activity

    The pupils follow the instructions on the homework sheet and collect information about the different electrical appliances that they have in their own homes. Having collected the information the pupils then make a table listing the appliances in order of their power output. The aim here is to demonstrate that the appliances, which have a high power output (those which shift energy quickly), all have some kind of heating function.

    Direct the pupils to find power output figures by examining:

  • Information on the casing of the appliance
  • Information leaflets for the appliance
  • Information available on the internet

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