Check questions(Activity)

Diagnostic questions on power

What the activity is for

The diagnostic questions can be used to check the pupils' understanding of key ideas introduced in this episode.

What the activity is for

  • copies of these questions

  • Support sheet

    What happens during this activity

    The questions might be used for homework or as the basis for discussion in class.

    Best word: is designed to check pupils' ability to use the correct terms in relation to a simple electric circuit.


  • An electric current
  • Electric charge
  • Voltage
  • Energy
  • Power output
  • EndList

    Make a match: probes understanding of three fundamental electrical units.


  • 1 ampere is the same as 1 coulomb / second (B)
  • 1 volt is the same as 1 joule / coulomb (D)
  • 1 watt is the same as 1 joule / second (A)
  • EndList

    Who do you agree with?: probes pupils' understanding of a series circuit with two bulbs of different rating.


  • Tanya: agree
  • Ben: disagree
  • Jane: agree
  • EndList

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